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We practice what we believe to be true health care.

As you enter our clinic, our hope is that your experience is anything but conventional. Our unique approach combines the best of modern medicine, the timeless wisdom of ancient healing methods, and the knowledge of scientific research. We embrace the importance of nutrition, exercise, supplements, and stress reduction. We also believe that true healing involves compassion, understanding, patience and time- it does not happen overnight.

We believe it’s all about you.

We treat the person, not the disease. We provide patient-centered care in which you create a partnership with our physicians, nurses and staff, and work together to uncover the root cause of your illness or disease. We take into consideration your unique history, environment, lifestyle and underlying factors and then create a custom treatment plan that will produce lifelong health and vitality.

We believe the Mind, Body and Emotions are all connected.

There is no separation of the mind, body and emotions. True healing cannot happen when there is an imbalance. Your thoughts, attitude, belief system, relationships and how you handle stress have a huge impact on your physical well-being. We believe in order for true healing to take place, balance must be restored in all aspects of your life.

We believe this is only the beginning.

Our healthcare system is transforming. We can move beyond the current model of Conventional Medicine and provide better outcomes with a more comprehensive and personal approach. One of our greatest joys is seeing our patient’s transition from illness to wellness. We see the impact that true health has on our community, in the willingness to help others and the ability to live a life filled with purpose. And we are just getting started. Welcome to Integrated Wellness.


1 Functional Medicine
2 Physical Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a scientifically research based approach to search to the root cause of disease. It undertakes all possible means to "cure" the problem naturally. All too often modern western medicine uses pills to mask the symptoms of the disease, whereas the functional medicine practitioner tries to discover and fix the root cause of the disease.

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Physical Medicine

Physical medicine refers to the treatment of pain. At Integrated Wellness we have a "better approach” because our highly trained specialist consist of a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, chiropractor and physical therapy team. Based upon your symptoms you will be paired with the best specialist for you.

After a thorough examination, your exam findings will be discussed with the team of specialist to determine if our facility can accept your case. If we do accept your case you will receive an in depth report of findings to explain your diagnosis and treatment path customized for you. Before any treatment begins we will explain finances and give you options that fits your budget before we begin treatment.

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